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Alison May

Hello, I'm Alison

Writer * Library-Lover * Mum + Step-Mum * Housekeeping Obsessive * Peri-Menopausal Mad-Woman * Occasional Pot Noodle Eater.

Yep. I think that just about sums me up, but if you want to know more, then do keep scrolling, as below I have gathered a few more things you might want to know as you puzzle your way through the blog, so I have introduced the family cast, added a resume of sorts and shared my favorite things. 

Above all else I want you know  that I am just like you: I get muddled and get things wrong. My mood varies and while I'm usually a domestic Goddess, I occasionally lapse into Waynetta Slob category because some days life is for living, not cleaning!

I am a total homebird, cherish my lovely community here at BrocanteHome and truly believe we can change the world, one home at a time...

The Cast

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Ste is my partner and best friend of six years. Just turned fifty, I can't think of anyone who works harder at life and I love and respect him so very much for enduring what he has. All that and we giggle like naughty schoolkids all day long. And he needs to stop snoring or I am likely to strangle him in his sleep.

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My absolute favourite person on the planet. Finn is my seventeen year old son and he is a total, busy riot of pure joy, intelligence and conversation. So totally his own person, he is everything and more, his lovely Dad and I  hoped he would be. But he talks too much. Let it be known: this child talks too much!

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Gorgeous Stevie, is Ste's fifteen year old son and he is, to coin a phrase, a chip off the old block: quiet, sporty, witty, and just on the verge of becoming his own (wonderful) man. He stays with us every other weekend and we wish every time that we could keep him for always. But he probably relishes going home for the peace and quiet!

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Things I Love

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