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Becoming A Vintage Housekeeper

Routines, Rituals and Celebrations For a Life Less Ordinary


Welcome Lovelies, to your very first course in Vintage Housekeeping. You have just made a scrumptiously wise decision to change your life and embrace a life less ordinary!

Vintage Housekeeping you see, will change every aspect of your heart and home. It will teach you how to slow down, embrace routine and ritual and make comfort and joy your raison d'etre.

It will show you how to let your most authentic self become Mistress of the House, so that her spirit can be found in every nook and cranny, and teach you why it matters...

Here on this starter course I want to introduce you to ten principles that will help you keep house the Brocantehome way; how to imbue every area of your home with vintage joy and how to nurture your family, and yourself, with comfort and creativity...

At the end of the course you will be able to download The Vintage Housekeepers Manifesto, recite The Housekeepers Creed and make a personal commitment to the six values at the heart of the BrocanteHome way of life.

Ready to put one fluffy slipper on the road to domestic bliss?


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