Wouldn't Life Be Lovelier if There Was a Way for You to:

✓Prioritise Your Own Wellbeing,
✓ Discover Your Most Authentic Self
✓ & Love Life At Home...

... WITHOUT Sacrificing Domesticity or Living in Permanent Chaos?

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What If There Was a Way for You to:


✓Prioritise Your Own Wellbeing,
✓ Discover Your Most Authentic Self
✓ & Love Life At Home...

... WITHOUT Sacrificing
Domesticity or Living in Permanent Chaos?

Hi, I'm Alison, and I Am Here To Teach You How To Love Life at Home..

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You see BrocanteHome is more than a website: It's a way of life and I'm so excited to be sharing the routines and rituals that will help you re-discover the woman you were always meant to be...

Would you like to:

➔ Remember who your were and remind yourself why you still matter?
➔ Take the chaos out of housework with routines that support YOUR lifestyle?

➔ And FINALLY END THE WAR with domesticity as you create a home that reflects your most authentic self?


Then you are in the right place  You see I've spent over fifteen years here at BrocanteHome showing women just like you how to create lives less ordinary and when you are ready  I will be so happy to accompany YOU on the road to authenticity too...

But how can you achieve domestic bliss and authentic wellbeing, when nothing's worked for you in the past?

I promise you, it's easier than you think. You see when you join HomeSchool I will teach you how to bless your days with routines and ritual that will help you to create the balance your body, soul and home are craving. Just go at your own pace through the myriad of resources included in your membership and slowly but surely reap the rewards...


Understand what needs to be done and create routines that work for you and your family.


Focus on who you are and who you want to be as you work through the courses and workbooks included in your membership.


Understand why building time for your own wellbeing is absolutely essential for creating a sense of wellbeing at home.


Set meaningful goals reflecting your domestic and authentic purpose and learn how to keep domesticity in its place.


Build your very own "Life-Book" stuffed full of all the information, plans and routines, you need to build a more organised way of life.


Put joy first in every aspect of your day, build seasonal routines, track contentment and understand your own energy.

The Essence of HomeSchool?

Tea-cosies and drawers lined in fragrant paper. Gratitude and abundance. Hot cocoa and Friday night cocktails. Beeswax and feather dusters. Books, books and more books. Candles and aromatherapy oils, long baths, cold showers, and forest walking. All this and so very much more... 

Just Some of the Gorgeous (and Oh So Useful!) Resources Included in Your Membership at HomeSchool

Daily Betterment

One tiny little to-do for every day of the month ahead, dedicated to helping you nurture soul and sanctuary.

Video Library

A curated collection of videos for your inspiration, education and entertainment, designed to support our work together at HomeSchool.

Printable Calendar

A printable monthly calendar to help you gain a better understanding of the routines and rituals central to our way of life.

As a Member of HomeSchool You Will Discover:

  • Clear, step-by-step guides to walk you through the routines and rituals at the heart of life the Brocante way.
  • Gentle encouragement and support as you begin to make necessary change.
  • Daily to-do's that take the headache out of wondering what to do next for heart and home.
  • And of course, a lovely, joyful community of other members in the Brocante Common Room.

Is HomeSchool Right For You?

HomeSchool Probably Isn't For You If:

➔ You are looking for specific advice about the nitty-gritty of housekeeping tasks.

➔ You work full-time outside the home and need quick fix solutions

➔ You do not see your home as an extension or reflection of your self or your own wellbeing.

➔ You just aren't ready to do the deep, soul-searching work it takes to live a life that truly reflects who you are.

➔ You are scared of change and want a cookie-cutter show-house, not a living museum dedicated to the joy of personal growth and contented  family life...

But Might Be Exactly What You Need If:

➔You want to be Mistress of your own destiny but end up squandering time at home.

➔You know that making yourself your priority is the only route to authenticity. You just don't know HOW.

➔ Your domestic circumstances have changed at home and you are struggling to adapt.

➔ You enjoy looking after your home but don't want housework to take over your life.

➔ You are willing to throw yourself body and soul into making life lovelier.

➔ You enjoy reading and personal reflection..

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And a Few of the Guides Included In the Life-Book...

The Seven Senses Prescription

This lovely simple prescription was created at the very beginning of the Pandemic as a means for my members to keep body and soul together by embracing a pick and mix plan of sense soothing little to-do's daily as you choose one (tiny) task from seven lists: one each for each the senses, sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, balance and movement, in the process creating a wellbeing routine that promotes a sense of quiet bliss in the mind by engaging your senses one by one.

The Slow Scrub

The Slow Scrub is the answer to all those questions you have had about how the heckity pie you can be expected to perform an intensive Seasonal Scrub when you work full time, have a babba permanently attached to your hip, or have the kind of health problems that mean energy is in short supply. This download is utterly simple: there are ninety tasks that start with the bedroom and end in the kitchen, with no stone left un-turned in-between. 

The Puttery Year

In this lovely series of twelve monthly downloads you will find my suggestions for puttering your way through each month, challenging yourself to include more puttery treats in your day, incorporate routine and ritual, eat seasonally, while encouraging you to include flowers, aromatherapy and crystals in your homemaking routines.

Create a Housekeeping Routine

We cannot begin to live a life less ordinary if we are hampered daily by the flotsam and jetsam of a chaotic domestic routine and so in this step-by-step thirty day download, I guide you through the creation of a routine that will mean the keeping of your house becomes as instinctive as brushing your teeth and will no longer stand between you and your more creative, authentic self.

Let's take a look at what's inside

 1: Monthly Bundles of Puttery Goodness

A new lesson, routine or scrumptious ritual every month, designed to set you on the path to domestic bliss and help you create a way of life that reflects YOUR circumstances at home.

2: The Life Book

The Life Book is a collection of downloads, workbooks and planner pages you can use to understand yourself better, create meaningful, blissful goals and stay as organised as can be.

3: The Road-Map

Monthly, deeper work for those who really want to dig deep into their most authentic soul and create the kinds of days that actively help them realise their domestic dreams.

4: The Edited Woman

A weekly reminder that life doesn't have to stuffed to the gills with things. With weekly tasks for editing your belongings down to only that which speak to your heart.

5: The Betterment Calendar

A daily little something for the betterment of body, soul, ubuntu, organisation and rest, alongside seasonal to-dos and monthly community events and Life-Book reminders.

6: The Video Library

A handpicked selection of videos, including vintage films and inspiration, wellbeing advice, Ted Talks and more to support all that we do at HomeSchool and to watch at your leisure as you work through the bundles.

Coming Soon: Trash It or Treasure It - The Course.

Inspired by my bestselling book, Trash IT or Treasure will walk you through your own relationship with clutter and help you find your way out of the mess.

Coming Soon: Muse - The Course

A wonderful re-imagining of my bestselling 2010 course, Muse, scrumptiously updated to help you discover your authentic, creative self in a world gone mad.

* All this, and...*

I'm going to throw in some bonuses to help you get organised...

The Festive Planner

A comprehensive guide to Christmas the Brocante way with countdowns, planners and oodles of puttery festive treats.

Trello For Housekeeper's

A lovely collection of Trello boards to help you get organised, stay on track and create the domestic life of your dreams.

Imagine what it will feel like when:

  • Your wake up in the morning looking forward to your very own HAPPY HOUR and go to bed satisfied that the day was all that it could have been.
  • Your enjoy a deeper sense of your own self-worth and you have personalised routines and rituals that actively support it.
  • The house feels clean and organised, but better than that there are little corners of every room that truly make your heart sing.
  • You live by a gentle calendar of tiny to-do's that remind you to keep putting yourself first.
  • And you know that community and support are only a heartbeat away at all times.

Are You Ready To Learn To Love Life at Home?

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Ready To Get Started?

The moment you sign up you will discover a link to your new BrocanteHome library in your email inbox. Just follow the instructions to access your account, and find your way around your new HomeSchool Membership in my Welcome programme.

👉 Yes! I'm Ready