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The Living Room

The Living Room is the perfect place to get a real feel for our lovely Brocante Community, and indeed for living life the Brocante way...

The benefits of becoming a member of The Living Room are three-fold:

* You will learn the routines and rituals at the heart of the BrocanteHome way of life through the Housekeeping 365 planner, (free for members of the Living Room!) our lovely calendar and the "Homework" I will set for you from time to time.

* You will find an enormously supportive, friendly, intimate community over on our Facebook page, make friends, share ideas and generally come to understand just how far choosing a life less ordinary can impact your days.

* And you will be entitled to a 25% discount off every product in the school of life and better than that, 25% off the cost of Salon Membership so you will find absolutely everything available in The School of Life in your library in an instant.

With challenges set and parcels exchanged this is a lovely tribe like no other and I am so very proud of the friendship we share and the support we provide each other as we create lives framed by routine, ritual and celebration...

Sign up now... I am so looking forward to meeting you.