Trello For Housekeepers

Oooh are you ready for this?? Welcome to my ingenious, innovative online planner for eventually managing everything from your daily, monthly and annual routines, your meal plans, recipes, favorite blogs, calendar dates, shopping lists, decorating notebooks and soooo much more!

Designed to be as beautiful and functional as everything else in BrocanteHome, Trello For Housekeepers, takes all the effort out of creating systems, routines and rituals for you, and means you can jump right in and customise the system to your hearts content.

Utilising the power of the FREE online organiser system, TRELLO, Trello for Housekeeper's helps you to build the routines and rituals central to the BrocanteHome way of life, while giving you free reign to build a way of life that works for YOU.

You begin with four boards and each week a new board will be revealed so that you are not initially overwhelmed by the system but can instead slowly integrate each of the routines particular to the board in to your own life.

Videos explaining the system are available and each time a new board is added I will add another video describing how the boards interact with each other and how you can customize them to reflect your own domestic life.

There is nothing like this on the internet and I KNOW you are going to adore it.

Trello For Housekeepers

A Customisable System For Organising Your Entire Domestic Life... 

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