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Get a Grip

I know you are struggling.

I know kids, and life, and jobs, and ageing parents, and money problems and errant husbands and falling down houses and various bodily ailments are standing between you and domestic bliss. And I know that sometimes you must feel like telling me to stick my puttery treats where the sun don’t shine because you can barely find clean underwear let alone find the time to sit down and embroider your tea-towels. Darling, I know.

And I want things to be different for you.

Welcome Gorgeous Lady  to the GET A GRIP PROGRAM.

This m’dears is part instruction manual, part love letter/major screechy outraged missive from your bossiest friend. The one who loves you enough to say life doesn’t have to be this way. YOUR life doesn’t have to be this way. 

It is the biggest download I have created in years with the most important message I could ever hope to share.

I want to help you get a grip because I am living proof that inner peace is absolutely possible even in the face of a litany of horrible things. I am living proof that you can survive yukky life stuff, run a business and keep house beautifully. I am living proof that inner peace will help you weather the worst of storms: that you can always be more than who you are right now.

I KNOW not just how to survive, but how to THRIVE. How to be brave. How to keep on keeping on. How to GET A GRIP when your whole world feels slippy…

And I want to show you that stripping away all the nonsense is the way forward. That GETTING A GRIP of yourself is the answer…

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