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Better Me

Each and every day we have a chance to make the teeniest of adjustments to our lives so that slowly but surely we can become the better, or maybe even the bestest versions of ourselves.

Here’s the thing I need you to know about the Better Me program: it isn’t about changing the world. Or moving to a new country. Or even starting a million dollar business with only a laptop and a pair of flip-flops. No. It is about making one change, or experiencing one tiny little bit of inspiration each and every day of 2016 so that you have the strength, the energy and the commitment to do any one of those things should they be on your bucket list. It is about strengthening relationships, feeling well, creating a sanctuary that nurtures your soul and striding (or taking pointy-toed baby steps!) towards a life less ordinary. For that is what BrocanteHome is about: creating a life less ordinary. A life abundant with small pleasures, teeny joys and the kind of ritual and routine that shore up your life and provide an anchor for your soul.

Better Me is a simple program of  one link, idea or puttery treat for each day of the week, so you can plan a week packed with tiny little somethings designed to help you be your best self.

Covering all aspects of your life from homemaking, to financial abundance, well-being, creative satisfaction and family joy, the Better Me program will gently nudge you to practice extreme self-care and put your vision of how you want your life to be, firmly at the front of your mind.

Better Me

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