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The Slow Scrub

The Slow Scrub is the answer to all those questions you have had about how the heckity pie you can be expected to perform an intensive Seasonal Scrub when you work full time, have a babba permanently attached to your hip, or have the kind of health problems that mean energy is in short supply.

This download is utterly simple: there are ninety tasks that start with the bedroom and end in the kitchen, with no stone left un-turned in-between. You can of course choose any of the tasks in any order you please, simply ticking them off as you go along until all ninety are completed (so that if it makes more sense to you to do six tasks on a Saturday instead of during the week, then that is ok too, as is sharing out tasks among willing family members), but I have organised it in a traditional “top to bottom way” that I hope will mean you won’t need to go over the same area twice, and can on the ninetieth day complete your efforts by polishing your kitchen sink to a sparkling shine.

With all the same puttery goodness included in all my housekeeping downloads, The Slow Scrub is designed to inspire you to try to instill your cleaning routines with rituals that make it lovelier, whether that be home-made cleaning potions, a podcast on the phone tucked in to your apron pocket or an essential oil that delights your senses, because only when it is truly enjoyable will you commit to a process that will reap benefits for the remainder of the year and allow you to step in to Summer with a house glowing with pride

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