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The Life Audit

Once a month on BrocanteHome I do a life audit: a set of prompts that help me define where I am in life, what I have achieved, how I feel and what I need to do in the month ahead.

It is a simple, precious ritual and really rather fascinating to be able to look back through all my old audits and see how much life has changed, how I have survived what felt like the end of the world, how I have ridden storms and experienced wonderful highs in the process of creating a home for my family, and a life for myself.

And now I want to provide you with the same tool: and so I give you The Life Audit: a seven page set of prompts to help you analyse exactly where you are at on a monthly basis, inspired by those same Life Audit blog posts I do,on BrocanteHome…

Just click the purchase now button on the right hand side of the page, add your details and The Life Audit is yours absolutely FREE.

The Life Audit



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