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The Life Revamp

The very notion of re-vamping your life has almost become the most outrageous internet cliche, but the truth is there is simply no better feeling than taking stock of what has gone before and resolving to change what no longers fits your way of life...

And so my Darlings, I, Alison May, of bring you the Life ReVamp - my very own, deeply personal plan for starting again after a few difficult years.

In this short course you will come along with me as we seek out what is working and what is not in our lives. As we take a long, hard look at what is left of our lives, and pull ourselves up by these ill-fitting bra straps and resolve to make the very most of all our tomorrows, by creating routines and rituals that reflect not just who we are, but who we want to be.

Drawing on books, poetry and inspirational videos, the Life Revamp will gently remind us that if we do not make the most of them: if we will insist on coasting through our days in a haze of direction-less television and disastrous, damaging diet, then before we know it we will once again find ourselves singing For the Sake of Auld Lang Syne, with a glass of flat champagne and a head full of regret, while another twelve months flashes before our eyes....

Ladies: we can not let that happen. We simply cannot waste another year. The time is right to shape our days and in the process shape our future...

Won't you join me?

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