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The Edited Woman

Because It Is Time To Become the Woman You Were Always Supposed To Be


We try too hard. We look for this, that or the other to make life better and in the process, we end up knee-high in nonsense that will not improve our lives, nor bring us closer to finally meeting our most authentic selves.

We buy too much. Shop too much. Want too much.

We browse the internet and convince ourselves that this course/diet/book/community will make all the difference.

That we will finally be her. The woman we have always wanted to be. The organized woman. The woman who has got it all together. The woman who looks pulled together. 

The shiny, happy woman we are absolutely convinced we have got living inside us if only we could peel back the layers long enough to let her have her moment in the light...


We try too hard. We are always looking for answers. We stuff computers, notebooks and our poor, demented brains with solutions. With ideas. With inspiration until life becomes one long round of organizing all that we have acquired. Curation instead of progress. Knowledge instead of action. Greed instead of commitment.

And we know it. We live wholly aware that we are treading water as we flash our credit cards and try not to catch a glimpse of our over-sized bottoms in the shop window. We feel noisy. Unable to discern what would really make a difference. Unable to concentrate long enough to focus on one style. One vitamin protocol. One way of being

We know it and we are powerless to stop it, because our efforts to greet our most authentic selves have created a hamster wheel constantly spinning and taking us nowhere beyond the kind of disappointed hysteria we stuff down into our souls and carry on with our day.

But it has to stop. We have to stop signing up to things. Ordering things. Stashing things. Acquiring things. Joining things. Now is the time to choose. To commit. And most of all to EDIT.  It's time to become EDITED WOMEN. Women who glow with truth and authenticity. Women with purpose. Women who banish all the nonsense they have been acquiring in an effort to be a better version of themselves, and instead begin to carefully choose who they want to be and decide what it is they need to become her.

So allow me to introduce The Edited Woman.

A year-long course from yours truly, for the woman we have always wanted to be.

Week by week I will be sharing two things we need. And in the process of identifying what we DO need we will slowly but surely banish exactly what it is that is surplus to our lives.

This is a huge commitment for you. It means letting go of what you THINK you need in your life and COMMITTING to those things you really do need. It means checking in weekly and thereafter working on CHOOSING those things, dreams, objects and belongings that will help you to establish order, style and a clear map towards a life less ordinary. It means practicing discernment, identifying clutter and breaking bad habits and asks you to become more by owning less.

So what am I talking about? Will I be dictating how many pairs of knickers you should own and telling you to leave your husband? No. But I will be teaching you that less is more and that self-care and personal empathy need to be at the heart of every decision you make. 


I will be showing you that there are things in this life we do not need to own in many multiples and asking you to choose quality over quantity. I will be asking you to understand that quality matters more than quantity and to start putting that into practice in every decision you make: whether that be choosing what book to read, what Facebook group to join and or what lipstick to wear.

Above all else I will be asking you to look upon The Edited Woman as the defining project of your road to a life less ordinary. To stay with me on the journey and to use the editing process as a way to truly bring your focus back to who you want to be. Because let's face it: you know her. You have just forgotten how to be her.  So this is the year we are bringing her back, giving her the reins and letting her clear a route towards true authenticity.

Isn't It Time YOU Became An Edited Woman Too?


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