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Ready To Create a Domestic Life Less Ordinary?

Then you are in the right place. For if you are a woman with an overflowing laundry basket and a head full of dreams, I can show you how to create routine, ritual, order and celebration, so that you can finally create days stuffed with joy and a home that reflects your most authentic self.


Life CAN Be Lovelier!

My name is Alison May and I have spent the past fifteen tears teaching women how to live domestic lives less ordinary, culminating in The BrocanteHome Salon, a home on the web for women who want to elevate every aspect of their daily lives from how they start their morning to when they hug the house back to their very own version of domestic bliss.

This I know for sure: life can be lovelier and all it takes is a helping hand to guide you towards a place of true sanctuary.

I do hope you will join me in The Salon.


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Why Join the BrocanteHome Salon?

For Guidance

Domesticity can feel like a whirligig of shoulds and musts, and so The BrocanteHome Salon exists to help you create a framework for calm, joy and order.


Each month you will discover new routines and rituals, planner pages and a workshop dedicated to helping you focus on what really matters.

And Support

You will never be alone. From (optional) coaching to community - support and friendship is built into the very heart of the BrocanteHome Salon.

The Six Pillars of A Life Less Ordinary

Join Because YOU Matter!

Put The Salon at the very heart of your self-care routine and you will discover that it is not only a guide to a lifestyle based on easy routine and lovely ritual, but a private home on the web for all your  hopes and dreams, a framework for the seasons of the year and a dedicated space for personal growth and domestic inspiration.

Join because you matter. Because you don't have to take yourself for granted and most of all because your authentic self will thank you for remembering that she exists.

Do This For YOU

When you join the BrocanteHome Salon you are creating a map for a life less ordinary: a life abundant with the routines, rituals and celebrations that reflect your most authentic self and day by lovely day, change your tomorrows.

Want To See Exactly What Will Be Included In Your Salon Membership In 2019?

From a calendar, to a blog, a monthly workshop, individual coaching, planners, seasonal treats and so much more, joining The Salon really is the loveliest way to meet your most authentic self and start the journey towards a life less ordinary of your own.


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