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So when you have consumed all the lovely goodness to be found on BrocanteHome.Net and you are eager to learn how to create an authentic, abundant life of your own, then might I suggest you think about joining our lovely community so you can truly embrace a life less ordinary, keep house the Brocante way and put extreme self-care right up there at the top of your own to-do list…

This m’darling is an INVESTMENT in you. Because you are worth it.

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If you are new to BrocanteHome, then my FREE course, Becoming a Vintage Housekeeper is the perfect place to start and comes with FREE access to the BrocanteHome manifesto. 

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With e-books, courses and planners available in the School of Life store, there is something for every woman on the road to a life less ordinary, whether she is just starting out on the BrocanteHome path or has been enjoying puttery days and cosy nights for a while now...

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Becoming A Housekeeper


Welcome Lovelies, to my very first course in Vintage Housekeeping. You have just made a scrumptiously wise decision...

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The Salon

$169.00 USD every year

The Salon is my flagship Members Only community and comes with access to over 140 modules and 70 rather wonderful d...

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2 monthly payments of $35.00 USD

  When you want to be a part of The School of Life, but do not know where to start, The Pep-Talk is the answer....

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The Living Room

$15.00 USD every year

The Living Room is the perfect place to get a real feel for our lovely Brocante Community, and indeed for living li...

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Get a Grip

4 monthly payments of $10.00 USD

I know you are struggling. I know kids, and life, and jobs, and ageing parents, and money problems and errant husb...

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The Slow Scrub

3 monthly payments of $4.00 USD

The Slow Scrub is the answer to all those questions you have had about how the heckity pie you can be expected to p...

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The Life Revamp

2 monthly payments of $3.00 USD

The very notion of re-vamping your life has almost become the most outrageous internet cliche, but the truth is the...

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The 365 System

3 monthly payments of $5.00 USD

  Over the years so many of you have asked for a more prescriptive solution your Housekeeping woes so please al...

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Better Me

2 monthly payments of $10.00 USD

Each and every day we have a chance to make the teeniest of adjustments to our lives so that slowly but surely...

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The Kitchen Table

$50.00 USD

Coming Soon!

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The Life Audit


Once a month on BrocanteHome I do a life audit: a set of prompts that help me define where I am in life, what I hav...

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Heart + Home

$15.00 USD

Designed to help you organise your internal life and external surroundings, the Heart and Home Planner will offer a...

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What's New At The School of Life?

My Latest Book: The Spring House

What you will find in The Spring House is a fresh, crisp celebration of all the delights of living well in Springtime. With a life in the day of a Vintage Housekeeper in Spring, a list of seasonal puttery treats, and some well-timed advice for shooing away the cobwebs of Winter and refreshing your housekeeping methods in Spring: alongside the three scrumptious housekeeping recipes you need to add a little Springtime sparkle, a Spring reading list and a list of journalling prompts for refreshing your way of thinking, in this, the most delightful season of all…

This is Spring the BrocanteHome way…

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