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Making A House A Home sanctuary Oct 09, 2016

It feels like you wait forever and then all of a sudden the moment both arrives and passes and all that you were dreaming of is now your new reality.

Oh yes, dear, lovely Housekeepers, we have moved in and though there is still one room full of boxes, the rest of the house is more than...

Moving Week/ 26 Sep 16 sanctuary Sep 25, 2016


Well now the week I have been waiting for is finally upon us: we move on Friday and though I am up to my eyes in boxes and muddling through the packing up process all by myself because Ste is working such long hours, I am giddy with excitement and simply cannot wait to begin the process...

Stress And Pot Noodles sanctuary Aug 10, 2016

Today contracts will be exchanged and the house will no longer be mine. I will eat Meze in a new Turkish restaurant with friends and spend many hours before hand in search of something to wear. I am fat with discontent. Grey under the Summer tan. And I have developed a hole behind my right ear....

On The Brink sanctuary Jul 18, 2016

 Well heckity pie, just when it seemed life was finally settling in to something lovely, I find myself almost homeless.

No really. Homeless. Not quite on the streets. But one week away from completion on my little house and a few weeks away from eviction here in the bungalow because the...

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