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The BrocanteHome Store

Downloads, Planners, Memberships and Printable For a Life Less Ordinary...

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The Salon

$299.00 USD every year

The Salon is my flagship Members Only community and comes with access to over 140 modules and 70 rather wonderful d...

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Becoming A Housekeeper


Welcome Lovelies, to your very first course in Vintage Housekeeping. You have just made a scrumptiously wise decisi...

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The 365 System

3 monthly payments of $5.00 USD

  Over the years so many of you have asked for a more prescriptive solution your Housekeeping woes so please al...

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Trello For Housekeepers

$40.00 USD

Oooh are you ready for this?? Welcome to my ingenious, innovative online planner for eventually managing everything f...

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The Slow Scrub

3 monthly payments of $4.00 USD

The Slow Scrub is the answer to all those questions you have had about how the heckity pie you can be expected to p...

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The Life Revamp

2 monthly payments of $3.00 USD

The very notion of re-vamping your life has almost become the most outrageous internet cliche, but the truth is the...

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Get a Grip

4 monthly payments of $10.00 USD

I know you are struggling. I know kids, and life, and jobs, and ageing parents, and money problems and errant husb...

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Better Me

$20.00 USD

Each and every day we have a chance to make the teeniest of adjustments to our lives so that slowly but surely...

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The Life Audit


Once a month on BrocanteHome I do a life audit: a set of prompts that help me define where I am in life, what I hav...

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The Creative Home Spa

$40.00 USD

The Creative Home Spa invites you to take three nights and two days out of your life to re-set body, mind and soul wi...

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