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Housekeeper's Diary authenticity Feb 19, 2021

Perhaps it is a sign of the times, this nostalgia for moments long gone I am experiencing. A reaction to the deep uncertainty I currently feel. Claustrophobia as a symptom of Covid. The longing to scream out loud my suppressed panic and run like Forrest Gump until I have managed to run away so...

Painted Stories bibliotherapy Feb 17, 2021


Rachel Ashwell is one of a trinity of women, that also  includes Sarah Ban Breathnach, and Cheryl Mendelson, that I credit with teaching me how to live, when I was a young homemaker, running an interiors business and trying to fathom who I was, and what really mattered to me.

I think...

The Girl Across the Lane authenticity Feb 10, 2021

A few weeks ago a new family moved into the old cottage across the lane. A typical family with two young girls and a happy little cockapoo, they moved in with an eyesore of a trampoline, a boat, and a boy-racer car so noisy it has become my morning alarm clock.

Over the years we have lived here...

Morning Melancholy wellbeing Jan 25, 2021

My Mum used to wake up in rather a bad grump. Mornings coloured her outlook on life and seemingly made it impossible for her to see the positives in her day until mid-morning when to all our relief she seemed to thaw her way back to loveliness. It was difficult to live with and something I was...

Housekeeper's Diary diary Jan 18, 2021

The oddest start to the year. I rather feel as though I must offer myself another New Years Eve on January 31st. A personal ritual instead of the obligation to be fun as we all stand together singing Auld Lang Syne in an empty lane - this little village apparently not familiar with traditions so...

On CottageCore, Hygge and Bohemia authenticity Dec 09, 2020

I've been trying to puzzle something out. I have joined groups and scoured hashtags in my efforts to understand, and honestly, I’m still bewildered because it seems to me that the women of the internet have suddenly developed a deep-rooted need not to seek true authenticity, but instead to...

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