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The Facebook Conundrum authenticity May 12, 2019


Realisation rarely happens in a flash. No, more often it is a creeping thing. A sense of discomfort we choose to ignore. A weight we barely notice we are carrying, until we come to understand that we can take it off: that very little in this life is non-negotiable. Least of all the modern...

You Are Not Failing authenticity Jan 16, 2017


You are not failing. You are not hopeless. You are not broken. You are not rubbish.

If you are anything like me then thoughts like these revolve around your head every day. They scratch at your eyes in the middle of the night so you have to open them and stare all over again at the lies...

New Years Pages authenticity Jan 09, 2017

A New Year is filled with too much possibility isn’t it? A person could get overwhelmed and find herself wanting to chuck out everything from her make-up bag to her entire way of life. A person you see can get carried away when it would serve her better to allow the New Year to settle in...

The Frenzy christmas Dec 15, 2016


So a few days ago I wrote about the lull and now I want to talk about the frenzy.

Heaven knows why but Christmas arriving at the weekend thrills me. Christmas on a Sunday seems just right to me. Much better than Christmas on a Tuesday! So this year I do believe we are blessed with...

A Rock Hard Skull and a Mother On The Brink authenticity Oct 25, 2016

 My ridiculous child managed to get himself run over on Friday.



No really RUN OVER. By a CAR. Flung on to the bonnet so hard he cracked the window screen with his scull. Then because he is Finley and rates kindness very highly he stood up and apologised to the driver and...

Making A House A Home sanctuary Oct 09, 2016

It feels like you wait forever and then all of a sudden the moment both arrives and passes and all that you were dreaming of is now your new reality.

Oh yes, dear, lovely Housekeepers, we have moved in and though there is still one room full of boxes, the rest of the house is more than...

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