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Soothing Our Anxiety authenticity Mar 18, 2020


While it would be terribly easy to work oneself into the most terrible tizzy over a pandemic like this one, hysteria never helped anyone and so it is our role as she in charge of all things domestic, to be like swans – as calm and unruffled as can be as we float through troubled...

Housekeeper's Diary diary Mar 10, 2020


Can someone press the off switch please? I swear its been raining for longer than I care to remember and frankly I’m in the mood for Spring. Oh wouldn’t Spring be lovely right now? I simply cannot wait until I can sip my first cup of the tea while I say good...

Home and The Corona Virus sanctuary Mar 03, 2020


When faced with the kind of wolf we may not necessarily be able to keep from the door, it falls to us as Mistress of the house not to panic before it is quite clear that panic is necessary.

While precautionary measures may well be an order, sending oneself into a hurricane of anxiety long...

Earning Our Lives authenticity Feb 04, 2020


I had a thought today. Or perhaps more a joining of the dots than a thought? A kind of awakening where before there was only drowsy acceptance that sleepwalking through our own lives is the only possibility. It struck me you see that each and very day we are bargaining with the promise of...

My Word of The Year: Consolidation authenticity Jan 20, 2020


Perhaps you have noticed the changes around here and wondered what is happening. Perhaps you have noticed that the site has a cleaner, simpler look and that the shop is no longer a muddle of random little somethings I have taken a liking to? Maybe you have noticed the...

Housekeeper's Diary diary Jan 07, 2020


My washing machine heard a rumour, just before Christmas, that washing machines of its ilk were setting themselves on fire and so being an obedient little thing, she duly did as she was told and two days after the machines were recalled she started to smoulder, apparently in sheer worry...

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