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Home Library sanctuary May 15, 2020


One of the things I’m missing most in the midst of this isolation is the library. I like everything about it. The whole kit and caboodle. From popping the library bag Finn brought me back from Paris into my handbag before I go, to practically running to the NEW IN...

Filling Up the Well May 03, 2020


Yesterday I found a collaged journal I kept seventeen years ago. A journal stuffed with lovely life, hopes and the dreams of a woman trying to magic up a future full of curly haired children and gingham tablecloths.

I was sitting in my little office in my...

Notes From Isolation authenticity Apr 22, 2020


I keep waking up with my arms folded across my chest, like a stern, disappointed headmistress and for a moment I forget that the world is standing on its head and wonder how many more minutes I can steal in bed before I have to persuade the child into his uniform and send him out into the...

Notes From Isolation authenticity Apr 13, 2020


It is possible that over the years I have become less truthful than I once was. Less willing to spill my woes on to the virtual page for fear of not fulfilling my imaginary duty as purveyor of floral, dotty dreams. As If I have now convinced myself that you want nothing more from me than...

Ten Things I'm Doing In Self-Isolation authenticity Mar 29, 2020


One of the things I believe to be most true about this most peculiar and trying times of our lives, is that in the future we will look back in gratitude on the sense of community around us, the teeny joys that made up the long days at home and how we chose to use the time that stretched...

Notes From Isolation authenticity Mar 23, 2020


If truth be told, this virus has rendered me a teeny bit bonkers, for though I am doing my best to appear unruffled, it is quite possible my family are experiencing me in quite a way they have never had to deal with before. At once the Mother Hen and she of the mini-meltdown.

I have become...

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